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The movie, Secret Ingredients by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart, is inspiring an “organic tsunami” around the world, because organic is the best way to avoid both glyphosates and GMOs.

Were you moved by the Secret Ingredients movie like we were when we first saw it?

This information could change the world. Our families and communities could be healthy once again.

Azure Standard is here to help make it easy and affordable to eat organic.

If you landed here but haven’t yet seen the movie, please watch it. It’s profound.

Come back and see us when you've finished the movie.

A Trusted Source for Food

Beginning in your own kitchen, replacing all the conventionally-grown, non-organic foods with organic versions is a huge first step toward regaining robust health. We can help.

Organic has become so popular that there is now an organic version of most foods.  You won’t be depriving yourself of good-taste by going organic either… you’ll likely find that organically-grown foods taste better!

Certified organic foods, by definition, cannot be genetically modified (GMO).  Glyphosates like RoundUp (and other harmful, unnatural pesticides) are banned from use on organic farms.

To see our selection of organic products here at Azure, click below for a pre-filtered shopping experience.

We do offer many conventionally grown foods, but our policy is everything we carry must be non-GMO.  We have been exposing the dangers of GMOs since around the year 2000 when we asked all of our suppliers about their use of GMOs.  We subsequently discontinued any items that were GMO, and refuse to carry anything with GMO ingredients.

However, conventionally grown crops may contain glyphosate residue.  We are actively asking our non-organic farmers about their use of glyphosate, but we don’t guarantee our conventionally-grown products to be glyphosate free.

Convenient Delivery

With Azure Standard, you can choose to have your order delivered via temperature-controlled truck to a drop point in your community. This makes it easy to order more frozen, refrigerated and bulk items at a low shipping cost.

Watch a video about how our deliveries work. Still have questions? Please reach out to us at 971-200-8350.

High-quality brands

Azure carries established organic brands like Bragg'sAmy'sEden FoodsClif Bar, and Lakewood Organic Juices.

We also carry innovative new organic brands that are on the rise, like Wildly Organic and Three Twins.

Under our own brand, Azure Market Organics, we bring you a wide variety of high-quality organic items in bulk sizes at very affordable prices.

Our Story

THE STORY OF AZURE STANDARD really begins in 1971 when the Stelzer family made radical changes in the operation of their 2,000-acre dry-land wheat and cattle ranch.

In the 1950’s almost all the farmers in America began using chemical fertilizers because the lure of higher yields was just too great to pass up. Not long afterward, the soil deteriorated to the point where the weeds and insects began to attack the crops, so pesticides and herbicides soon followed.

The Stelzer family was caught in the cycle like most farmers, until 1971 when they took their farm out of the chemical cycle “cold turkey,” so to speak... READ MORE